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This page contains Twitter feeds and links to people and websites that I find interesting and/or admire. The people/sites/links here might be from different areas like; news, entertainment, politics, science, health and other things.

(Some parts below are in English and some parts in Swedish.)

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Fri Tanke Swedish

Fri Tanke är en arena för vetenskap, kultur, filosofi och idédebatt. Vi strävar efter att lyfta och popularisera vetenskap och samtidens frågor, i syfte att öka kunskapen om verkligheten och oss själva. Här hittar du böcker, en podd, massor med videos samt ett kalendarium för kommande intressanta föreläsningar.

Credible Hulk

Pro-science blogger, musician, and polymath promoting science education, and smashing pseudoscience and denialism.

An independent media company focused on pop culture, influenced by the robust comic book industry. TV-series, movies, games etc. based on comic books. Provides fans with the latest news, trailers, reviews and other information.

CNN International

News from the world are always important.


Borrowing this short but well written description about NASA: In addition to providing information about nearby space and planets, NASA studies the way in which the Earth has developed, and how it could change in the distant future. These can help us understand how life on Earth came about and what can be done to protect and preserve it. Addtionally, many NASA instruments and much of their research has been used for practical purposes here on Earth: GPS locators, new microchips, thermal imaging, advanced materials, and other bio-medical applications. Source: by Wiki User (Feb. 8, 2011).

Brian Cox

Professor of Particle Physics at The University of Manchester and The Royal Society Professor for Public Engagement in Science.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Serving the undeniable cosmic curiosity that percolates within us all.


As a fan of Liverpool FC, I'm also a member of the KopTalk forum run by Duncan Oldham. KopTalk is one of the oldest and best forums for a European football club.

Marcus Hernhag Swedish

Bra information om privatekonomi och aktiesparande. Marcus skriver för tidskriften "Privata Affärer" och han har även skrivit flera bra böcker. Du kan hitta information om böckerna på hans hemsida nedan. Böckerna går att köpa i t.ex. Bokus och Adlibris.

Miljonär innan 30 Swedish

En blogg inom privatekonomi och aktiesparande.

Kavastu Swedish

Kavastu, eller Arne Talving som han heter på riktigt. Känd föreläsare och nyligen även författare. För oss som är intresserade av aktiesparande.

Disclaimer: I might not agree with everything that everyone here says on their Twitter feeds (even though we have the same views on a lot of things)

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