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This page contains Twitter feeds and links to people and websites that I find interesting and/or admire. The people/sites/links here might be from different areas like; news, entertainment, politics, science, health and other things.

(Some parts below are in English and some parts in Swedish.)

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Marcus Oscarsson Swedish

Bästa politiska reportern i Sverige! Kunnig, opartisk och pedagogisk. Samt en sann djurvän.

Vetenskap och Folkbildning Swedish

Vetenskap och Folkbildning (VoF) är en rikstäckande förening som vill främja folkbildning om vetenskapens metoder och resultat. Vi vill också bekämpa felaktiga och ogrundade påståenden i frågor som kan avgöras vetenskapligt.

Anders Hansen Swedish

Överläkare, psykiatriker, civilekonom (HHS), författare (Hälsa på recept, Hjärnstark, Fördel ADHD, Skärmhjärnan) Podd: Psykiatrikerna TV: Din Hjärna (SVT). Här är en föreläsning arrangerad av min tidigare arbetsgivare, Metodicum: Träningens betydelse för hälsan och hjärnan.

Dr. Anna's Imaginarium

A blog and social media platform for people who are fed up with alternative facts and misinformation. A place for honest questions about science-related topics. Also a place for comic relief and great discussions on more serious subjects.
Doctor Anna is a Ph.D. biologist with degrees from world-renowned institutions such as Cambridge University and Max-Planck Institute.

Stephen Fry

Great author, TV-personality and a very intelligent man.

David G. McAfee

Journalist and author of No Sacred Cows: Investigating Myths, Cults, and the Supernatural and several other books.

Barack Obama

Former president of The United States. One of the best they have had. Educated and a good man.

Bernie Sanders

A politician that I like. He seems to be honest and have great ideas.

Sacha Baron Cohen

Seems like a great guy as himself. Brilliant as Borat.

Doc Bastard

Lot's of mumbo jumbo these days. This good guy sets the record straight. As he writes on his website: "Stories about general surgery, trauma surgery, dumb patients, dumb doctors, and dumb shit from the dumb world around us.".

Arnold Schwarzenegger

"The last action hero!" From "Conan" to "Terminator" to governor of California. Does a great job both as an actor and as a politician.

Emma Frans Swedish

Emma Frans är doktor i medicinsk epidemiologi. Hon är forskare vid Karolinska institutet och tidigare vid University of Oxford, därtill vetenskapsskribent i Svenska Dagbladet.

Disclaimer: I might not agree with everything that everyone here says on their Twitter feeds (even though we have the same views on a lot of things)

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