The Music Page

This page contains information about, and links to, musicians and music sites that I like. My CD-, vinyl- and music video collection. And some CD reviews.

Closeup photo of a Jukebox

My music pages

Artist/band info & links

The following 3 pages gives you information and links to different artists and bands, like: Cliona Hagan, Michael English, Die Campbells, Ted Roddy, John Rowles, The Sweet, BR5-49, MeatLoaf, The Refreshments, Jimmy Ellis...

...Ronnie McDowell, Jack Jersey, Bouke, Andy Lee Lang, BZN, Jerry Williams, Mandy Barnett, Mike Denver, Tony Roi and many others!

Radio stations

Not always my kind of music, but it's the local radio station where I live. If player not visible/working, you can listen to Cityradion 103,8 here if you like:

Here is a Swedish radio station that plays some great 60's music!