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Rebel Dean and The Star Cats - Rockabilly Man

Rebel Dean and The Star Cats - Rockabilly Man
  • 1. Rockabilly Man
  • 2. Cry Baby Cry
  • 3. He'll Have To Go
  • 4. I Want You To Dance With Me
  • 5. Lonely Street
  • 6. Wild, Wild Woman
  • 7. Secret Love
  • 8. You Must Have Changed Your Mind
  • 9. Pretty Lou
  • 10. She Rocks!

Rebel Dean's latest CD album, when this was written. "Rockabilly Man" released in 2020 on Foot Tapping Records (The UK's largest rockabilly record label). Awesome CD for us who like 1950's style music! A few covers, but 7 out of the 10 songs are written by Rebel Dean himself. A singer (and actor) who also has his own Shakin' Stevens tribute show. And you can hear in his voice and his singing that he is influenced by Shaky! As well as Eddie Cochran and a little bit of Elvis too!

Allthough a rockabilly CD, my favorite songs here are problably the ballads: "Cry Baby Cry", "Lonely Street" and "You Must Have Changed Your Mind". All three written by Rebel. I really like his voice on those. The CD's uptempo songs are also great. Especially fun to hear "He'll Have To Go" in a faster version than recorded by Jim Reeves and Elvis Presley for example. Not as good as those guy's, but refreshing!

Credit also to the band backing Rebel, The Star Cats! They are Steve Evans (drums), Brad Jones (guitar), Alan Baker (double bass) and Peter Gill (piano/keyboards). Saxophone by Sean McBride on tracks 2, 4, 8 and 10. Backing vocals written, arranged and performed by Steve Osbourne.

The CD itself is sold in a jewel case and the disc has a great looking design. It has the look of a gold colored vinyl record. Actually, a shorter version (a 4-track EP) of this CD is also available as a beautiful gold vinyl record!

Rebel Dean has released many CD's in his career. I have a few, and I have also listened to a couple of others on Spotify. And I think this one is my favorite so far!

For more information about Rebel, please visit his website: There you can also buy his CD's and DVD's if you are interested. Another place for shopping his music is the Music King online store.

Meikel - November 2021.

Short audio sample of "You Must Have Changed Your Mind"

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