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Tony Roy - Hand in Hand

Tony Roy - Hand in Hand
  • 1. Back On The Road Again
  • 2. Don't Call Her Angel
  • 3. I'm Yours Forever
  • 4. Darling I Love You
  • 5. All Of My Life
  • 6. One More Time
  • 7. I Remember
  • 8. Let It Be Me
  • 9. One Dance With You
  • 10. Hand In Hand

This is one of the best albums that I have! The singer is great. He has one of the best voices that I have ever heard. The songs are also really, really great. This album contains mostly ballads, the song "I Remember" is a little bit faster, but it probably fits in the ballad category also.

The singer on this album it the very talented man Tony Roi (here he spells his name: Tony Roy). When writing this, he is currently working on his "Spanish" album. Before he released the "Hand in Hand" album, he hade some singles out which contained some of the songs later put on this album. The single: "One More Time" sold gold in Europe! Tony has a strong voice that reminds me a little bit of Elvis Presley, and maybe also a little bit of the belgian singer Helmut Lotti.

You can listen to some sound clips from the album at: (you have to search first for the album in Amazon's search engine). This album was produced by Jack White and recorded in Germany. Tony has also been (and still is) involved with Legends In Concert, for over ten years.

Short audio sample of "Back On The Road Again"

BR5-49 - Big Backyard Beat Show

BR5-49 - Big Backyard Beat Show
  • 1. There Goes My Love
  • 2. Wild One
  • 3. Hurtin' Song
  • 4. Out Of Habit
  • 5. Storybook Endings (If You Stop Believin')
  • 6. 18 Wheels And A Crowbar
  • 7. Pain, Pain Go Away
  • 8. You Are Never Nice To Me
  • 9. Goodbye, Maria
  • 10. Seven Nights To Rock
  • 11. My Name Is Mudd
  • 12. You Flew The Coop
  • 13. Change The Way I Look
  • 14. Georgia On A Fast Train

BR5-49 is one of the most successful country bands today. They play real country music, in the good old style. This is a great album with a lot of great country/rockabilly/hillbilly songs. A great mixture of ballads and rockin' up tempo songs. This is the best album of the 4 that BR5-49 has released. Their other albums are "BR5-49", "Live At Robert's" and "Coast To Coast".

It's hard to point out any favourite tracks, because they are all great. If I have to choose, I would say There goes my love, which is a great cover of this Buck Owens song, and Goodbye Maria, written by Chuck Mead in BR5-49.

If you want to listen to samples from this CD you can go to

If you like this band, I can also recommend the following bands/artists: Starlight Drifters, Country Cattin', Jessie Al Tuscan & the Lumberjacks.

BR5-49 - From Coast To Coast

BR5-49 - From Coast To Coast
  • 1. Tell Me Mama
  • 2. Even If It's Wrong
  • 3. Sweet Sweet Girl
  • 4. Pourin' Pain
  • 5. Uneasy Rider
  • 6. Better Than This
  • 7. Waitin' For The Axe
  • 8. Brain Cloudy Blues
  • 9. Big Mouth Blues
  • 10. Six Days On The Road
  • 11. Cracker Jack
  • 12. You're A Hum-Dinger

This is a live album. All songs except the last one was recorded live (in Wilkes Barre, Williamsburgh, Phoenix, Indianapolis and Chautauqua). BR5-49 is one of the best country/hillbilly band that I have ever heard.

My favourite songs on this album are: Waitin' For The Axe, Six Days On The Road and Cracker Jack.

Confederate Railroad - Keep On Rockin'

Confederate Railroad - Keep On Rockin'
  • 1. Keep On Rockin'
  • 2. I Hate Rap
  • 3. Sunday Morning And Saturday Night
  • 4. I Don't Want To Hang Out With Me
  • 5. A Bible And A Bus Ticket Home
  • 6. Good Ol' Boy (Getting Tough)
  • 7. Cowboy Cadillac
  • 8. The Big One
  • 9. Momma Ain't Home Tonight
  • 10. Simple Man

Confederate Railroad is a great rockin' country band. The singer has a typically country voice and there are some great songs in this album. I especially like, Keep On Rockin', Good Ol' Boy (Getting Tough) and Cowboy Cadillac. This is (I think) their latest album, and the songs are mostly new (from the 90's) except for Good Ol' Boy, Momma Ain't Home Tonight and Simple Man (the last one from 1973, written by Ronnie Van Zant and Gary Rossington). Simple Man is a very slow and in my opinion boring song but it has great lyrics.

Lucky Valdano - Lucky Valdano 1

Lucky Valdano - Lucky Valdano 1
  • 1. Hannah
  • 2. The Rain Is Falling
  • 3. Fool For Loving You
  • 4. Twilight Zone
  • 5. Have I Told You Lately
  • 6. Raindrops
  • 7. Stars In My Eyes
  • 8. Annabelle
  • 9. Sleep Walkin'
  • 10. Memories Are Made Of This

All songs are written by Lucky Valdano and V. Borisavljevic except for Have I Told You Lately (S. Wiseman) and Memories Are Made Of This (Gilkyson and Miller). Valdano is a great young country singer, who is very popular in his home country (Former Republic of Yugoslavia). He has a very special voice and he is backed up by great female singers (unfortunately I don't know their names, or the name of the group).

My favourite songs in this CD are: Fool For Loving You and Stars In My Eyes. Great ballads!

Short audio sample of "Fool For Loving You"

Ronnie McDowell - Unchained Melody

Ronnie McDowell - Unchained Melody
  • 1. Unchained Melody
  • 2. Paralyzed
  • 3. Blue Velvet
  • 4. It's Only Make Believe
  • 5. Burning Bridges
  • 6. Cry To Me
  • 7. Never Too Old To Rock & Roll
  • 8. Since I Don't Have You
  • 9. She's My Saturday Night Special
  • 10. Smokey Places

Ronnie McDowell is one of my favourite music artists, allthough I haven't discovered him until recently. He sings pop, rock and country and has been a singer for many years (since the 1970's, I think). The thing that makes him such a great singer is his voice, he can sing fast rocking songs and soft ballads, and he can change his voice so he can sound like Elvis Presley or Bobby Vinton. In fact The song Blue Velvet is a duet with Bobby Vinton. Just listen to Bobby's and Ronnie's voices, they are very alike. The only negative I have to say about this album is that is too short (only about 28 minutes, which is way too short time).

My favourite songs on this album are Unchained Melody, Blue Velvet and Burning Bridges. Blue Velvet is, as I mentioned, a duet with Bobby Vinton. In It's Only Make Believe, he sings duet with the country legend Conway Twitty, in Burning Bridges he sings duet with an other country legend Jack Scott, Never To Old To Rock N' Roll is a duet with Jerry Lee Lewis and She's My Saturday Night Special is a duet with Wayne Newton.

If you want to listen to samples from this CD you can go to

Sweet - The Best Of Sweet

Sweet - The Best Of Sweet
  • 1. The Ballroom Blitz
  • 2. Blockbuster!
  • 3. Need A Lot Of Lovin'
  • 4. New York Connection
  • 5. Rock & Roll Disgrace
  • 6. Hell Raiser
  • 7. Burning
  • 8. Done Me Wrong All Right
  • 9. Reflections
  • 10. Little Willy
  • 11. Funny Funny
  • 12. Co-Co
  • 13. Chop Chop
  • 14. Alexander Graham Bell
  • 15. Poppa Joe
  • 16. Santa Monica Sunshine
  • 17. Tom Tom Turnaround
  • 18. Wig-Wam Bam

A great mix of songs from one of the best glam-rock bands there is! Sweetshop where their name when they started out in the late sixties, formed by vocalist Brian Connoly and drummer Mick Tucker. With bass player Steve Priest and guitarist Andy Scott they became Sweet.

Most of the songs in this album where written by the songwriting legends Chinn and Chapman, Funny Funny, Co Co, Poppa Joe and Little Willy, to name a few. Other songs where written by the band members themselves, Need A Lot Of Lovin', Burning, New York Connection and Rock And Roll Disgrace.

This CD contains, like I said, is a great mix of songs - from nice "bubblegum-pop" to harder glam-rock songs. I especially like the songs: Little Willy, Co Co and The Ballroom Blitz.

David Hasselhoff - Looking For... The Best

David Hasselhoff - Looking For... The Best
  • 1. Looking For Freedom
  • 2. Wir Zwei Allein
  • 3. Crazy For You
  • 4. Do The Limbo Dance
  • 5. Flying On The Wings Of Tenderness
  • 6. Hot Shot City
  • 7. Save The World
  • 8. These Lovin' Eyes
  • 9. Du
  • 10. Fallin' In Love
  • 11. Is Everybody Happy
  • 12. The Best Is Yet To Come
  • 13. Freedom For The World
  • 14. Je T'Aime Means I Love You
  • 15. Do You Believe In Love
  • 16. Dance Dance D'Amour
  • 17. Everybody Sunshine
  • 18. I Believe

This album is a collection with the best tracks from some of David's albums and singles released between 1989 and 1995. Here you can find the song Du, sung in German, from the album "Du", and the song Fallin in love from the U.S. single "Brand new in Germany", among other great pop songs.

The best tracks are in my opinion: Looking for freedom (awesome!), Hot shot city (rocking!) and Je t'aime means I love you. This album is one of David's best, with a good mixture of ballads like: Wir zwei allein and Flying on the wings of tenderness and rocking songs like: Hot shot city and Crazy for you.

David Hasselhoff - Hooked On A Feeling

David Hasselhoff - Hooked On A Feeling
  • 1. Hooked On A Feeling
  • 2. More Than Words Can Say
  • 3. I Live For Love
  • 4. Never My Love
  • 5. Santa Monica Nights
  • 6. Hold On My Love
  • 7. Slow Night In The City
  • 8. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
  • 9. Queen Of Rain
  • 10. I'm Your Lover
  • 11. Beach Baby
  • 12. If I Had One Wish
  • 13. Hooked On A Feeling (Radio Mix)

This album was released in 1997 (I think) and is one of many albums released by "Mr. Knight Rider" David Hasselhoff. This is the second album by him which I'm reviewing here. All toghether I have 3 albums of him. My favourite is "Looking for... The Best" (see the review above).

The CD starts with the title song "Hooked On A Feeling", written by Mark James and originally recorded by BJ Thomas. This song has also been covered by the Swedish singer Björn Skifs. The song "Beach Baby" was a hit with First Class in the 70's. "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" is also a old song, written by John D. Loudermilk in 1962. Some of the songs on this album has David himself been a part of writing (More Than Words Can Say, Santa Monica Nights, I'm Your Lover and If I Had One Wish).

This is a pretty good album. All the lyrics are included if you want to sing along. The songs are mostly ballads. Some more up tempo songs had not been wrong. It's a pretty good album, but "Looking for... The Best" is better.

Rick Saucedo - Memphis I'm Coming Home

Rick Saucedo - Memphis I'm Coming Home
  • 1. Ready Freddy 23 Skidoo Tonight
  • 2. El Diablo
  • 3. I Will Stay
  • 4. Destiny
  • 5. Heart And Soul
  • 6. Passion Of Love
  • 7. Rock N' Roll
  • 8. Memphis I'm Coming Home
  • 9. My Lord
  • 10. Don't Put Me Down

Rick Saucedo is one great singer, and this CD is really good. All songs are written and arranged by Rick Saucedo himself. He is also backed up with the fabulous Jordanaires. I put a "-" in my rating of the CD, cause I think the CD could have been a couple of minutes longer with some more fast (rocking) songs.

As you probably can see from the CD cover, Rick has been influenced by Elvis Presley, which you can hear in a couple of songs. Rick has also his own tribute show to the King. When singing Elvis songs, he can sound similar to Elvis (I have a video tape where he sings a lot of Elvis songs from the 50's and 60's). My favourite songs in this CD are: Ready Freddy 23 skidoo tonight, Heart and soul and Rock n' roll.

You can find Rick Saucedo's homepage at: There can you listen to some short sound samples and order merchendise.

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