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Here you can read about my favorite TV-series. In the future I hope to have time to write about movies and other interesting stuff.

First of all, I want you to check out the Internet Movie Database: It is the biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet!

To see my list of favourite TV-series, go to the link below. The other page about my favourite movies is still not made.
Meanwhile feel free to check out my Facebook for a list of movies that I like. Actually my Facebook is more up to date on favourite TV-series as well.

Movies | TV-series

Person of Interest

Chuck - TV series

Stalker - TV series

Suits - Tv series

Orphan Black - Tv-series

Agents of SHIELD

Arrow - TV series

Forever - TV series

The Lying Game - TV-series

The Mentalist - Tv series

Castle - TV-series

Legend of the Seeker - TV-series

Haven - TV-series

White Collar - TV-series

Supernatural - TV-series

Teen Wolf - TV-series

Merlin - the TV-series

Ringer - TV-series

No Ordinary Family - TV series

Moonlight - TV series

Atomic City

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