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Music groups/solo artists

Cliona Hagan new

Michael English new

Die Campbells

Great Country music/rock n' roll duo! You can buy their CD's and DVD's online at:

Ted Roddy

Country singer from Texas with a great voice.

John Rowles

Prairie Oyster

The Sweet

Original Sweet lineup: Steve Priest, Brian Connolly, Andy Scott, Mick Tucker.
Some of their songs: Little Willy, Poppa Joe, Blockbuster, Hell Raiser, Co-Co, Funny Funny, Alexander Graham Bell, Santa Monica Sunshine, Chop Chop, Tom Tom Turnaround, Ballroom Blitz.



This is my favourite country/hillbilly band!!!
Band members: "Smilin" Jay McDowell, Don Herron, "Hawk" Shaw Wilson, Gary Bennett and Chuck Mead.
Some of the great songs they have recorded: Cherokee Boogie, Lifetime To Prove, Chains Of This Town, One Long Saturday Night, There Goes My Love, Goodbye Maria, Seven Nights To Rock and Wild One.
Unfortunately they are disbanded since several years. But both original singers are still active, so second and third link below are to their web sites.



Paul Ansell's Number Nine

The Les Humphries Singers

One of the most joyous sounds to permeate the radio airwaves in the 70's and 80's came from central Europe courtesy of The Les Humphries Singers. Les is an enigmatic fellow and very little is documented about the group in the music history books. We do know and remember the wonderful music that he has made however, with his inspirational, multi racial, choral group for three decades. A musical style which became synonymous with German culture of the 70's and early 80's.
Some of the songs they have recorded: Mexico, Adios Auf Wiedersehen, Mama Loo, Dance Dance Dance, God Made America and Rock My Soul.

Bill Medley

Captain Jack



Johnny Earle

Sha Na Na

Waylon Jennings

The Refreshments

The Eagles



Band from South Africa, 1977-1981. Their most known songs where "Substitute" and "Save Me".

Jimmy "Orion" Ellis

Starlight Drifters

Ronnie McDowell

Helmut Lotti

Ray Smith

Billy "Crash" Craddock

Ral Donner

High Noon

Blackmores Night

Brian McCullough

Monte Warden

Vince Eager

Great British legendary rocker!

Mr. Lee Grant (Bogdan Kominowski)

Mike Mendel

Andy Dellenoy

Jack Jersey

Rene Shuman

Rebel Dean


Dean Brothers / The Deans

Country Cattin'

Johnny Storm

Gene Pitney

Tammy Wynette

Tanya Tucker

Rocky Teoh

Dixie Aces

Mark Lavender



Mary Duff


Audrey Landers


Dominic Kirwan

Teri Joyce

Rock Island Line

Johnny Trouble Trio

Lil' Linn & The Lookout Boys

Jessica Andersson

Sayaka Alessandra

Billy Lee

Crystal Swing

Joey & Rory

Alyson McInnes

Jasmine Kara

The Quebe Sisters Band

The Delltones

The Indians

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