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This page contains short facts about me, my interests, photos, drawings, some works that I have made, my education and other things.

Short facts

Meikel at LFC Name: Meikel Jungner
Born: May 25, 1977
Country: Sweden
Facebook: www.facebook.com/meikel.jungner
Occupation: graduated from "University of Örebro", where I learned Business Economics and Information System Development/Informatics. Also worked on a 6 month project as a web designer. My latest job was at Metodicum AB where I worked for 16 years (2002-2018). Now I have just started a new education, learning Web Development .NET.
I was also a radio host at www.radiosydnarke.se where I presented my favorite music (2013-2018).
Interests: music, TV, football (known as soccer in North America), internet, drawing...
Religion: none (or Atheism)
Political party/sympathizer: Piratpartiet Swedish , internationally I'm cheering for Bernie Sanders at the moment.

Favorite things

Meikel in London Favorite food: pizza (for example Kebab pizza from the city of Degerfors)
Favorite drink: German beer (or maybe whiskey + coca cola)
Favorite TV-series that are currently airing: Suits, The Blacklist, Lucifer, Wynonna Earp, Game of Thrones, Bloodline, The Americans, Orphan Black, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Daredevil, The 100, Westworld, The Magicians, Impastor, The Order, Stranger Things, Shooter (and several others)
Favorite TV-series over the years: House, The Unit, Chuck, 24, Supernatural, The Pretender, Prison Break, Breaking Bad, The Lying Game, Dallas (the old series), The Mentalist, White Collar, Angel, Person Of Interest, Haven, Castle, The Gates, Kyle XY, No Ordinary Family, Legend Of The Seeker, Human Target, Early Edition, Mythbusters, Entourage, Nikita (with Maggie Q/Lyndsy Fonseca), Smallville, Moonlight (more listed here)
Favorite movie(s): Ivanhoe (with Anthony Andrews/Olivia Hussey), V for Vendetta, The Mask (with Carrey/Diaz), Pirates Of The Caribbean, Independence Day, The Dark Knight (with Bale and Heath Ledger), Spider-Man, Alien 1 & 2, The Count of Monte Cristo, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and all new Captain America and Avengers movies
Favorite music, solo artist(s): Elvis Presley, Jimmy Ellis (also known as Orion), Bouke, Jerry Williams, Mary Duff, Mandy Barnett, Mike Denver, Cliona Hagan, Michael English (the one from Ireland) (and many others, see my Facebook)
Favorite music band(s): BR5-49, Starlight Drifters, BZN
Favorite sports team: Liverpool FC
Favorite author(s): Ed McBain, Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Stephen King

My online photo album

Some photos of me as well as some other photos.

the gallery

My drawings

One of my interest has been drawing. The last couple of years have I not taken the time to draw, so the pictures are old.

the gallery

My work & written papers (old stuff)

Here will I put some of my school work and other work. A lot of work and papers have been done in groups and therefore can I not put them here without permission from my co-writers.

Non school work:

  • Made a web site for the singer Tom Alston at: www.InspiredByTheKing.com/TomAlston
  • Made a web site for the singer Andy at: www.InspiredByTheKing.com/Andy
  • Made a web site for the singer Larry Seth at: www.InspiredByTheKing.com/Big-El
  • Made a web site for www.paltian.de together with Michael Paltian in Germany. Web site has now been re-made by a professional company.
  • 6 months employment as a web designer at Visol Tak AB (ending 31 Dec. 2001). Made their web site. But it is no longer online.

School work:

  • Academic paper, marketing C. title: "Customer Relationship Marketing - ett nytt sätt att marknadsföra?"
  • Academic paper, Computer Science C. title: "Expertsystem - utvecklingen idag och i framtiden"
  • Word97 document, Marketing C. title: "Faktor-x-modellen"

I did a lot more, but I'm not listing it here.


  • 3-årigt gymnasium
    Samhällsvetenskapliga programmet med inriktning mot företagsekonomi.
  • Universitetsstudier
    informatik A, informatik B och informatik C, företagsekonomi A, redovisning B, marknadsföring B och marknadsföring C, samt IT för anv. och management A.


Meikels blandade favoriter - internet radio

My own radio show, where I play some of my favourite music. Different music from all over the world. You can also hear me talking in between the songs (in Swedish).
However, I'm on a break from the radio at the moment. Hope to get back again some time in the future.
Radio's web site: www.radiosydnarke.se


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