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This page will contain public Facebook feeds as well as links to people and web sites that I find interesting and/or admire.

The people/sites/links here might be from different areas; news, entertainment, politics, science, health and other things. The page is "under construction", so more to come in the future...

Marcus Oscarsson Swedish

Bästa politiska reportern i Sverige!


Stephen Fry

Great author, TV-personality and a very intelligent man.
I don't know if Stephen has an official public Facebook page? But I'll try this one for now. You can also check out:


Arnold Schwarzenegger

"The last action hero!" From "Conan" to "Terminator" to governor of California. Does a great job both as an actor and as a politician.


Doc Bastard

Lot's of mumbo jumbo these days. This good guy sets the record straight. As he writes on his website: "Stories about general surgery, trauma surgery, dumb patients, dumb doctors, and dumb shit from the dumb world around us.".

Dr. Anna's Imaginarium

A blog and social media platform for people who are fed up with alternative facts and misinformation. A place for honest questions about science-related topics. Also a place for comic relief and great discussions on more serious subjects.

Doctor Anna is a Ph.D. biologist with degrees from world-renowned institutions such as Cambridge University and Max-Planck Institute.


David G. McAfee

Journalist and author of No Sacred Cows: Investigating Myths, Cults, and the Supernatural and several other books.


Bernie Sanders

A politician that I like. He seems to be honest and have great ideas.

Bernie Sanders for President!

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