Meikel's Personal Website

Welcome to my personal website
- online since March 2000!

About me

Short facts about me (Meikel), my interests, photos, drawings, some work that I have made, my education and other things. Favourite TV-series, movies, music etc.
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Interesting people & sites

Public Facebook feeds and Twitter feeds, as well as links, to people and web sites that I find interesting and/or admire. People that I am a big fan of, and links websites I find interesting. Favourite music, bands and artists are featured on other pages. Here are more focus on other areas like; news, entertainment, politics, science and other things. The page is "under construction", so more will be added soon.
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The Music page

This page contains information about, and links to, musicians and music sites that I like. Also my CD-, vinyl- and music video collection (although far from complete).
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My Elvis page

This is a small site dedicated to one of the greatest entertainers of all time, Elvis Presley. Here you can find information about Elvis life, 70's discography, all his songs, links and more.
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"E" Tribute

My favourite singer is Elvis Presley. But I also enjoy listening to the talented Elvis inspired singers out there. This page is dedicated to Elvis tribute artists, impersonators, sound-alikes and other Elvis inspired artists and bands.
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TV-series and movies

This page is about other entertainment than music. Here you can read about my favorite TV-series. In the future I hope to have time to write about movies and other interesting stuff.
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My website's update history

Pale Blue Dot - A very inspirational and compelling speech by the late, great, Carl Sagan.